El pasado 5 de octubre se constituía en Nitra la Fraternidad escolapia con la promesa de 43 miembros entre profesores, empleados y familias de las obras escolapias. Ahora les podemos poner cara y acercarles más gracias a las imágenes que nos envían.

During the encounter of the Provincials of the European Circumscription at Nitra, the Slovak Piarist fraternity was established on 5 October 2016.

We are very pleased that also Slovakia could have joined to other brotherhoods, which have already existed all over the world. The solemn one year vow was taken by the graduates of piarist schools, teachers and employees of piarist schools and the parents who colaborate with us. The group of 43 members met in Nitra, where they have adopted the Statute and selected the President of fraternity. During the Holy Mess, which was concelebrate by father provincial Juraj Ďurnek, the words that have divulged the substance of the admission of the new members were expressed: «We could have different motives for admission to the fraternity. It could be your effort to your sanctification. It could be a desire to serve the children and the youth. Both of this motives are good but because I know you I can proclaim that your motive is greater and deeper. You have experienced the personal encounter with Jesus, you have a real relationship with Him and that’s why you decided to commit themselves to know Jesus Christ more today and to live the charisma of St. Joseph Calazans – our founder. This is the right motive, this is the best reason – and you have already had it.

The Slovak fraternity is preparing the first events focused on formation and on local ministry later. In the first days after establishing an fraternity some members testified that they felt a major shift in their personal spiritual lives.

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